Start using SkypeVietnam for 5 minutes

Wtih 4 simple steps then you can use SkypeVietnam  to call internet phone via Skype to VietNam or any Countries with the  cheapest price

1. Sign up SkypeVietnam

 -   Register FREE account with SkypeVietnam.
  -  Need to include Skype Nick in register process.

2. Sign in SkypeVietnam account and top up

  -  Login to go to SkypeVietnam manage Account.
  -  Select Price options and payment via Paypal.

  -  With new account register you will have some minutes in your account to call FREE before you payment.
 - SkypeVietnam also support payment via Credit/Debit Card.

3. Sign in Skype software and save nick

  -  Sign in to Skype software with Skype Username that alreay fill in in register form in SkypeVietnam.
  -  Add  Skype nick: to your contact list.

  -  You can download Skype software support for almost OS like Windows, MAC, Linux hoặc Smartphone.

4. Start using SkypeVietnam

  -  From your Skype software call to nick.
  -  Listening to the instructions then enter your phone number you wish to call.

 - You can define keyboard shortcuts for the destination number to dial is faster. 
 - For Skype nick has not been declared, the system will be asked to enter a PIN before making calls.

- CLIP USING SkypeVietnam (2 minutes)

Useful Instructions

The following quick and useful instructions help you take full remarkable advantages of SkypeVietnam in comparision with other services:

Share SkypeVietnam account to your friends

SkypeVietnam allows multiple Skyper accounts use the same to make multiple calls at once. Just declare the Skype nick, as the following guidelines: 
  -  Sign In to the account management area SkypeVietnam.
  -  Go to "QUẢN LÝ Nick Skype".
  -  Add more nick allows the use Skype account to make calls.

Note: - For Skype nick not declare SkypeVietnam account, the operator will be asked to enter a PIN before making calls.

Group calling through SkypeVietnam

SkypeVietnam allow implementation of multi-party call with a group of people online Skype and a regular telephone connection.The function will be very useful when you need a meeting with a group of people who are not online on Skype as well as helpingyou save money because the phone to help more people talk at once but only pay for a call. 

EX: You and your brother/sister are online on Skype and you want to talk to a family member by telephone, you do the following:
  -  Creating a chat group are: you, brother/sister and nick
  -  Click  Call Group button  Skype software group chat.
  -  Listen to instructions and enter the phone number of who to call.
  -  The call is connected, and three people talking to each other.

  -  Charges are calculated as a normal call from SkypeVietnam.
  -  Call unlimited group participants are online skype but can only invite a friend over the phone through said through SkypeVietnam.

Use SkypeVietnam on all kinds of OS: Windows, Linux, Mac and Smartphone

Do integrated with Skype, allowing you SkypeVietnam for service users on every operating system as well as on portable devices, eg:
  -  Windows
  -  MAC
  -  Linux
  -  iPhone
  -  iPad
  -  Android
  -  Symbian

  -  Some versions of Skype on Windows, MAC and Linux, you can not turn on the keyboard show through: the Call Tab on Main Menu, select Show Dial Pad.

Dial more quickly and it's unnecessary to keep in mind subcribe numbers

Take advantage of the speed dial function SkypeVietnam to help you dial to call to be faster and not have to belong to thisnumber when calling:
  -  Sign In to the account management area SkypeVietnam.
  -  Access Category QUAY SỐ NHANH and create a shortcut to the destination number
  -  When making calls, at the time of offer from the phone system to call, you just enter the corresponding shortcut keys and end with#

  -   When you define shortcuts for phone numbers, enter phone numbers according to the international format: [Country code] +[Province Code] + [phone number]

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Your questions may be included in answered question list of SkypeVietnam. Therefore, please go to frequently asked questions of SkypeVietnam for your answers.. >> Click here to see answer list for frequently asked questions

Useful documents

You can see the following instructions relating to SkypeVietnam for reference to know more about functions and usage of our services.

1. Instructions for account management website: Click here
2. Instructions for online top up through Paypal: Click here
3. Instructions for using SkypeVietnam on PC, iPhone, iPad, Android: Download

If you are unsatisfied with the above information, don't hesitate to Contact SkypeVietnam for further support.