SkypeVietnam - Switchboard of Vietnam by Vietnamese.

By Vietnamese - Switchboard SkypeVietnam was founded and built by experienced group of Vietnamese working in the communications environment and passion for technology.

SkypeVietnam need to understand the communication with friends and relatives in times of learning, working or living away from home country. SkypeVietnam also understand the power of the internet tools and the necessary role of the internet to the Vietnamese countryside in remote communication with friends and relatives back home.

Based on the understanding that, SkypeVietnam release combines the power of internet and software popular Skype Voice Chat technology with traditional media (PSTN) to create communications services for international Vietnamese people all over the world, ensuring criteria: Money CAO - GOOD QUALITY - LOW COST.

Of the Vietnamese - SkypeVietnam PBX is built with the sole object is to serve the Vietnamese. Based on that criterion, SkypeVietnam focused investments to optimize the features and costs used to match with the Vietnamese.

Image homeland Vietnam honest and pure quality of Vietnamese as the mainstream in every sense of SkypeVietnam activities.